Tools to get the facts

Having the right tools for the job is basic planning. Cutting through the crap isn't always easy and people with an agenda often come armed with cherry picked information, presented in a way to make it look legitimate. We have some tools you may find useful when you smell something fishy. 
Tool Up


  • Nutrition - A very short introduction - A great starter point to wet your appetite. Short and to the point. 
  • How to read a paper - A great resource if you want to learn how to check what your reading has any merit. 
  • Bad Science - Ben Goldacre has perfected the art of calling out bullshit wherever he sees it and telling it as a good story. This should be essential reading in all schools. 
  • Games people play - an odd choice indeed but Berne's ideas are more relevant today when we have big corporations telling us what we should and shouldn't be doing. Many marketing strategies and how information is delivered can be described using Berne's models. 


  • pagelines
    The angry chef - Exposing lies, pretensions and stupidity in the world of food. The rantings of a angry chef, sick of the lies told about food and health.
  • pagelines
    Bad Science - Access to most of the articles written in print over many years. Funny and essential. 
  • USDA Food composition database - a great site that will give you just about as much information you can think of about any food. 
  • Cochrane Reviews - The home of the meta analysis. An excellent starting point to any question you have and the evidence for it. 
  • PubMed - the largest collection of medical journal articles. Its easy to get lost in this and its worthwhile taking some time to learn how to use this site properly before just entering random search terms into it or you will end up with thousands of articles with no way of knowing what is relevant or not. There are lots of guides online on how to use PubMed and How to read a paper is probably the best print guide we know. 


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