Recommended Reading

Nutrition can be confusing and there is a lot of crap out there. Below are some books and other resources that we have found helpful and refer to when making and producing articles. We have personally used all the resources listed on these pages and found them to be useful and informative. If we don't think something is good we will tell you. 

​You wont find the latest diet books, fad or other such items on the list just decent and informative resources. Enjoy. 

A great little read if you want an overview with just the right amount information to wet your Nutribabble appetite.

Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolism

This is a much more in depth tome on all things Nutrition. A great reference point if you want to do some serious learning. Best to start with the very short introduction above if your unsure. 

How to read a paper

An excellent read and well worth every penny. Even if you never read an academic paper this book will show you how to ask the right questions and how research can and can not be used. All journalists should be given this book. If you start a sentence with 'Research shows' or 'A recent study has shown' then you need this book

Bad Science

Ben Goldacre has made a career out of pointing out bad science and the dangers of it. His books are funny and enlightening but with a serious message that he brilliantly uses real world examples to highlight. Reading his book gives you faith that there are still people out there willing to stand up to the rubbish and ask questions.

Bad Pharma

If you read Bad Science and liked it, you will love this. Ben Goldacre does what he does best but this time takes aim at the big pharmaceutical companies and shows the many ways data and science can be used to baffle and confuse not only the general public, but doctors, governments and the some of most vulnerable people in our societies. This should be on the essential reading list of anyone interested in health and medicine.