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A Study has shown…


here’s a reason why the BMJ have banned the sentence “more research is needed” at the end of academic papers. That’s because it means nothing and adds nothing to the topic in question. If you have identified gaps in the knowledge then your paper is the place to be suggesting how we should fill it!

The same could be said for the sentence that begins many news articles - ‘A study has shown...’. The problem with that sentence is that is skips the most important part of any study; that is; was it set up and run properly to investigate what you are about to say it does?

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Protein: Quality over Quantity. What does it mean. How do we measure it and what factors influence it?

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.


Not all protein is created equal. The quality of protein is arguably more important that the quantity. In our previous article, Protein - the nutrition facts, we discussed the total amount of protein needed in the diet to maintain our weight or stay in equilibrium. We are constantly making and repairing proteins just about everywhere in our bodies and this creates a turnover of protein that has to be replaced.

Think of hair that is growing and being lost each day, skin that flakes off all the time, nails growing, protein in our urine and bleeding from cuts. These are small protein losses that all have to be replaced. Our bodies are also constantly fixing cells, which requires protein. Proteins are made up of amino acid molecules linked together. We need to consume the protein, or more correctly, the amino acids that make up all proteins, to keep these processes fuelled.

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Protein – the nutrition facts

Get the bars in, shakes on and a bucket of meat cooking. Everyone knows that to bulk up on muscle and keep our body fuelled we need to eat shit loads of protein. Muscle is made of protein, so obviously that makes sense. Or does it.

Let’s start with the metabolism of protein from start to finish. This is something that has been worked out over many years by clever and interesting experiments revolving around nitrogen balance, some of which involve keeping people in a hospital ward for many weeks and finely controlling their diet until we know just how much protein they need to maintain their body weight.

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How much water do we actually need to drink?

Water Water Everywhere

Fundamentally water is the most important nutrient.

It’s essential for our bodies, without it we can last several days before being unable to function and the normal bodily processes cease to work, leading to death. But water is also one of the most contentious areas in nutrition and with so much crap out there you might just feel like you’re drowning in it. Fear not, the following article goes through the facts about water.

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